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Aquarium Foil Art Project

Aquarium Foil Art Project

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Tin foil fish

Tin foil fish

Painted and texturized for this fun foil aquarium art project!

Aquarium foil art

Aquarium foil art

Use tin foil and plant leaves collected from outdoors to create this unique design!

Tin foil fish

Tin foil fish

With a permanent marker and neon paint, you can draw these fish on foil and cut them out for cool artwork :)

Aquarium foil art

Aquarium foil art

Get inspired to make your very own underwater foil design inspired by what you find in your backyard!

What you need - Aquarium foil art.jpg

Aquarium Foil Art Project


What You Need:


Roll of tin foil

Netting from a fruit bag (or another similar option)

Cardstock or smooth cardboard (about the size of a piece of paper)

Leaves and plant clippings from outdoors

Paints or markers

(If painting: cup of water, paint brushes, paper towels, paint tray, apron, table mat)




How To Create:


Part One:


Tear off two sheets of tin foil, one sheet larger than your cardstock and one sheet slightly smaller.


Starting with the smaller tin foil sheet, draw two fish with a permanent marker.  Keep your shapes simple without too many details.  You can add some lines on the fins and draw designs to make scales.  Don’t forget to add an eye or some lips!


Color in your fish with either paints or markers.  If painting, make sure you have a space to make a mess (accidents happen) and protect your clothes with an apron!  Paint does not wash off fabrics…


Leave the artwork to the side to dry COMPLETELY.


Part Two:

Next, take your other sheet of tin foil (the larger one, which should be bigger than your cardstock).


Take different leaves that you collected and assort them underneath the tin foil sheet.  GENTLY rub your finger along the leaves under the foil (not with your finger nail - too sharp!).  Create as many leaf imprints as you want to make an underwater scene, like a bed of seaweed with coral.  This is going to be the background to your aquarium when we later add the fish :)


After your design is how you like, take the same sheet of tin foil and wrap it around your piece of cardstock.  This will give you a nice, clean square background for your finished project.


If you want to add extra detail to your background design, color your “seaweed” too!   Make it as creative and decorative as you want.  


Whether you used paint or markers, I recommend lightly and carefully blow drying your artwork before the last steps.  Ask someone for help - this is a two person job, so your art doesn’t blow away!


Part Three:

When your fish and background are completely dry, we are going to give the fish some texture.

Take your foil with the fish and lay it on top of the netting (fuit bag).  Again, gently rub your finger over the fish on top of the net and the texture from the netting will come through, creating fish-like scales!


Next, cut the fish out with scissors.  Remember tin foil is very delicate, be careful, take your time.


When the fish are cut out, apply a small amount of glue on the back of each fish and glue them in place on your foil aquarium background.  Ta-Da!  Your aquarium tin foil art is complete! 


Frame and hang your new art anywhere you like.  Take a picture with your work and send it to me - I’d love to see your awesome creation!


If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to contact me :)


Until then, stay creative and stay healthy!

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